5 Important SEO Tips

The Top 5 SEO Tips To Keep Your Site At The Top Of The Rankings

1 – Write Fantastic Viral Content

Don’t settle for just writing good content – write fabulous content. Additionally, make sure that that content is the kind that will grab people’s attention and make them want to share it with their friends and family. Whether it’s because you have created content which contains new ideas, or you have presented old ideas in a new and understandable way – just make sure that what you post on your website is something that people will be excited to tell their social circle about. Our favorite SEO company is really good with this.

2 – Post Your Content Consistently

Don’t be the kind of person that gets excited about your website and puts up five posts in a day, only to let it lie dormant for months on end. This still search engines that you are not serious about your website or your business, but rather it is a hobby that you pursue when you have small burst of enthusiasm, separated by long stretches of time in between where you are lethargic about it. You never want to present the idea to search engines that you are disinterested in your business, or they will be disinterested, as well. For example, with a local barber shop this all goes!

3 – Make Sure You Have Easy Share Tools On Your Site

In addition to writing fantastic content that readers will want to share with everyone they know, make sure that you have given them the tools to easily do that very thing. There should be buttons on your website that let users quickly and easily share the content on their social network of choice, or even email it if that’s what they would like to do.

4 – Make Your Headlines Descriptive, But Not Overly Stuffed With Keywords

Your headlines, or the titles of your posts if you are keeping a blog, are the most important thing on the page because they tell both users and search engines what that page is about. The headlines give a quick snapshot of the main idea of the page, so make sure that the headliner title is descriptive and accurate when it comes to the content on the page. However, use it for its intended purpose – to get attention. Don’t try to fool the search engines by stuffing your headline followed every keyword you want to rank for. You can always hire an SEO agency to help you with this.

5 – Don’t Employ Trickery

In general, don’t use any tricky or blackhat techniques that are meant to artificially inflate your rankings. Not only are these unethical, but they will not work on a long-term basis. They can destroy your business, in fact.

In conclusion, search engine optimization does not have to be complicated. In fact, it should be simple. Just write fantastic content that you know people will want to read, post it often, and give them the tools to share it. It’s as simple as that.